Join Us!

We are so excited you are interested in being a Young Life leader here in one of the areas in the Boulder Metro. It is an amazing calling and privilege.

Complete Parts 1 and 2 before the interview. All the files you need are at the bottom of the page.
Part 1: Paperwork
(All necessary files are at the bottom of the page, fill out the application on computer and email to staff when complete)
1) Complete our Volunteer Leader Application – email to staff
2) Review our Lifestyle, Mission, and Commitment Covenant. Print and sign (you’ll bring to interview).
3) Review Young Life’s Faith and Conduct.
Part 2: Boot Camp – Fast Track Training
1) Download the Training Manual (below) to computer or phone
2) Accept email invitation to (YL Access) 
3) Open up the Boot Camp page of the training manual to see the training outline, and follow along with the New Leader Boot Camp videos on *When you login to the site, you will see these videos in the inbox in the upper right hand corner.
Part 3: Set Up Your Interview
Email your area staff to say you have completed all of your super fun paperwork and “Boot Camp” training! Yay! And now are ready to set up a time to interview!
Part 4: Post-Interview
1) You will receive an email from Young Life regarding a background check and driver questionnaire. These must be completed before you can jump in with kids.
2) We will let you know what team we feel is the best fit for you! Then you can jump in!
3) Put all club, camps, and retreats into your calendar, and immediately inform staff if you already see some big conflicts.
FILL OUT – Email completed to Area staff
SIGN – Bring Signed Copy to Interview